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Want to get more likes on Instagram? With a few tricks, you can suddenly get thousands of followers on your account. Here we show you 5 quick ways to get more Instagram likes.

Hack #1: Go Live

The first question everyone asks when they discover this hack is: how can I get more likes with live content?

Instagram has seen a 17.6% decrease in users creating live content. Now 80% of users prefer live content over reading blog posts.

Through live, you can have raw interaction with your audience in real time. So, if you go live twice a week you will get more engagement. Therefore, you will get more likes on posts, but you have to be careful if the content you are going live with isn’t good enough it won’t work.


Hack #2: Get Influencers to Comment on Your Post

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind because who is engaging with your content will affect your Instagram likes.

The more people comment on your content, the more they will see your business on Instagram. For example, if you have a friend who has thousands of followers ask him to leave a comment on your posts. However, you should make sure that he is in a relevant industry so his followers are interested in your content too.

And ideally, within the first hour of them going live, you will get much, much more likes, because your post will be shown to a lot of your non-followers.


Hack #3: Use Music from Memes and Trends

In the digital age, memes can be found on all social media platforms. These are humorous pieces of content.

Have you ever noticed that if you like a reel from a meme or a trend you can generally see more of that video or a similar video with the same music?

If you take the music that people are using in these popular videos and you implement it in your video, and your video is about whatever your followers are following you for, then what you will find is that you will get more likes. Because a lot of the people that liked those other dancing videos with that song will also want to see your video.


Hack #4: Ask for a Like

It is a simple way to increase your likes, but asking for a like is a clever way to get more of them. But you don’t want to ask just for a like because there is a slicker way to do it; like asking people to either tag a friend, double tap, leave a comment, share this post with a friend, or simply just like the post.

And every time we test this on average, we get 38.45% more likes which is huge!!!

Hack #5: Use Carousels

Instagram users often write long captions for their posts, but they don’t realize that most of them won’t read those long captions. They might get a few percent of people to read them, but most people won’t.

There is a feature on Instagram where you can combine multiple images into one post. In essence, it’s a carousel, and those posts on average get 49.22% more engagement. Carousels can have many words or few words, but as long as the content is good, it will work.

And there is a trick to get more likes you can co-publish with another account, for example, you can do a collaboration with someone else and you both can post the same carousel image and it will get more engagement.


I hope that you enjoyed our article, and find it helpful to get more Instagram likes.

Don’t forget that the more quality content you post, the more followers and likes you’ll get.

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