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What is ATS?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software for recruiters and employers to track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

This software can come equipped with capabilities ranging from simple database functionality to a full-service suite of tools that makes it easy for businesses of any size to filter, manage, and analyze candidates.

Where to start with optimizing your resume headline?

-Keep the resume headline short and to the point: It should clearly state your main selling points in a few words.

-Use resume keywords related to the position you are applying for. It can increase your chances of selection if a recruiter uses ATS software to scan resumes.

-Keep your headline resume headline specific to the job title you are applying for. It will show recruiters that you have the skills and qualifications they are looking for.

-Use a unique headline that stands out from other resumes. You can achieve it by including a professional summary of your critical skills, qualifications, or achievements.

-Use your headline to highlight one or two of your most impressive accomplishments, such as a major project you led or a significant increase in revenue you generated.

-Use action verbs to start your headline, as it helps to convey your skills and experiences.

-Don’t exaggerate your skills or qualifications. Use accurate and honest information in your headline.

How to Make an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Here are some tips that will help you make your resume ATS-friendly:

1- Focus on keywords

An ATS determines if you are qualified or not based on how your keywords match the job description.

For example, if the job description requires a graphic designer, the keywords would most likely be Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator, and anything related to the field.

If your resume does not include the proper keywords for the job description, it automatically gets sifted into the rejected pile.

To bypass this, ensure that your resume has all the proper keywords.ATS

2- Don’t use Headers and Footers: 

Job seekers often share their contact details at the header or footer of a Word document. Sadly, most ATS don’t read content saved on headers and footers.

You’ll get disqualified from a job you’re highly qualified for doing this. The machine will assume you’ve not filled out all the details in your resume if it can’t read your contact information.

3- Organize your experience chronologically: 

organizing your work experience from most recent to oldest, because it’s most compatible with ATS software.

AI identifies patterns in resumes and can key in on dates to determine a candidate’s longevity and staying power in previous roles.


4- Use Clear, Concise Language

When writing, use language that is clear and concise, and stay away from using overly complicated words or jargon that the ATS might not understand. A resume is not the place to show off your vocabulary or literary art.

5- Use basic formatting, do not use any unique formats

When the ATS receives your resume, it will convert it into a text-only file. That means if you have included graphics or anything fancy, it makes it much harder for the bots to read your resume, and it will sift it into the rejected pile.

To ensure that the bot can fully read your resume and send it along to an interviewer, always make sure that you avoid fancy formats. 


6-Use traditional fonts: 

When you use a non-standard font on your resume, it’s more likely to be converted incorrectly by an ATS.

To ensure your resume is “read” correctly, use a traditional font that the ATS is programmed to read. The Muse has compiled a list of the best resume fonts.

7- Proofread and Test Your Resume

Carefully proofread your resume to eliminate any errors. Some platforms also allow you to test how ATS-friendly your resume is, allowing you to make necessary adjustments.

8- Ensure that your resume complies with the ATS bot’s guidelines:

There is a simple way to make sure that your resume is ATS-friendly. That is to copy and paste it into a plain text converter.

When you do this, you can see your resume as the bot would see it. Ensure that the content looks organized and no content is missing due to the reformatting.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software application that helps streamline and automate the recruitment process for organizations. 

Overall, the primary goal of an ATS is to streamline and automate various aspects of the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection, to make it more efficient and effective for employers.

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